I would go on about how much I love Nagisa but I hope these pictures show it instead www *zooms around the room with ichigo sparkles*


DRAMAtical Murder collaboration store goods!

Here is everything that I bought.

I think you can tell who I like the most, haha. I’m probably going back to the store next week to get more of the trading can badges since I didn’t get who I wanted (Noiz is quite popular among the Japanese fans so he’s a bit difficult to trade). I also want to pick up some of the other clear files.

Unfortunately the pictures on the cookies didn’t make it through the heat, haha. They are a bit messed up. xD

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I was lucky enough that my last day in japan coincided with the first day of the dmmd x swallowtail patisserie event. The event included merchandise as well as some dmmd themed cakes and cookies. I wish I had gotten more merch but since it was my last day in japan I didn’t have much money on me.


I’m finally dooooneeeeee!!! My part of art trade with Andy (sorry I got carried away), I really hope you’ll like it!

To be honest I had no idea what to draw for you, but Niki's 'what if Karasuno goes ice skating' gave me the idea of kagehina on ice, and I figured it might work, so thank you for that! It was a great help with my struggling.

Andy, I’m sorry for the late I’m always late with things;_;


get romantic and hug the boy? get romantic and hug the boy!

because Rei looks at Nagisa like at the biggest most precious treasure and I honestly can’t deal.


i swear i’m not a weeaboo but some anime openings make me want to parkour off several buildings and then run across the ocean to africa